Botona Dahican Beach Resort, Mati, Davao Oriental

Aside from the curse of typhoons scare every now and then, Mati also abounds with gifts for being situated facing the open Pacific Ocean. These gifts come in the form of wonderful beaches. In fact, these beaches are renowned tourist destinations and come as a more affordable substitute for other popular beaches like the ones in Boracay and in Palawan. One ofthe recommended places to go to is the Botona Beach Resort. Even if the resort is more budget friendly, it still gives you the best kind of summer and holiday experience.

The white sand, thecrystal clear beach, and the peaceful serenity of the place are more than you can ask for. Surely,this is something that you do not get anywhere else especially in more crowded resorts. Thus, if you are planning for a road trip adventure and very willing to spend some time away fromhome, the Botona Dahican Beach Resort in Mati is definitely a must-try for you.

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  • Cottage 1 Air -Conditioned  – Php 1,800
  • Cottage 2 (Bigger Air -Conditioned Room)- Php 2,000


  • Air conditioned room
  • Veranda
  • White sand Beach
  • Surfing
  • Skimboarding



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By admin / Administrator, bbp_keymaster

on Jun 01, 2011

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Comments (5)

  • Mateo acuna

    how much is the entrance fee?

  • dianne liwag

    how can i contact you for reservations? Can i have your cellphone number?

    • Nena Diez

      Can i ask your contct no. For queries

  • Anonymous_annoyed

    my rating— 0 (zero)
    -the beach–the worst beach line ive ever been so far
    -the service- omg, i cant believe it, tsk tsk
    -the room is very expensive and you have to add an additional fee for additional mattress..
    -the food is very very expensive.. what the!!!!
    -we’ve wasted our 6 hour trip here..

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