10 Friends You Want To Travel With

Many people say, and this has been tested by many vacation-goers time and time again, that visiting a place can be made even more special and fun if you share it with good company. However, a slight miscalculation in choosing who to bring along with you could also lead to catastrophes wasting your time, effort […]

Blue Lagoon in Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte

There is something about bodies of water that mystically draw people to them – and Blue Lagoon has this same magic and lots more. Many are just mesmerised by the beauty of Blue Lagoon. No wonder why many people from in and out of the country brave hours of travel to the Maira-Ira Point of […]

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TRAVEL GUIDE: Saud Beach Resort in Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte

Be mesmerized by the enthralling scenery of Saud Beach Saud Beach as you visit Ilocos. It is nestled at the northern tip of Luzon just approximately around two hours from Laoag City where the closest airport to Ilocos is situated. Notably, Saud Beach is likened to that of Boracay owing to its long stretch of […]

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Dahican Beach in Mati City Travel Guide

In the outskirts of the Philippines lie countless tourism gems that are just waiting to be explored. One of which is Dahican Beach Resort which is dotted in Mati City of Davao Oriental. Dahican boasts of its remarkable fusion of natural splendour, offering pristine, long stretch of white sand beach, sparkling, clear waters, rich marine […]

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Exploring Mt. Apo’s Kapatagan-Kidapawan Trail

Mind you, it wasn’t my first time to climb the tallest and most majestic mountain of the Philippines, but I was still thrilled to give in to one of my friend’s invitation to explore the mountain during this year’s Lenten season. Maybe what made me say yes this time was the different trail to be explored and of […]

Lake Sebu Tourist Spots and Travel Guide

Visiting Mindanao wouldn’t be complete without going to one of Philippines’ cultural landscapes – Lake Sebu. According to UNESCO, a cultural landscape destination is a geographical area that had successfully combined the works of nature and that of man. There are three lakes found in the town where the legendary Lake Sebu lies. Lake Sebu […]

Camiguin Tourist Spots and Travel Guide

If there is one place that anyone would say that is WORTH EVERYTHING – that is the Camiguin Island. Known as the Island born of Fire due to its history, Camiguin is best described as “Paradise”. Sitting north of Cagayan De Oro City, this blessed island is what many people would want to visit. Anyone […]

Coron, Palawan Tourist Spots and Travel Guide

Coron, Palawan, though quite unfamiliar to many, is now slowly taking the limelight among local and foreign tourists. It is a second-class town to be found in the northern edge of Palawan, endowed with a great deal of scenic and remarkable landscapes, crystal clear lagoons, limestone cliffs, a rich marine life and an out-of-the-ordinary wildlife […]

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Oslob Cebu Whale Shark Experience and Travel Guide

While many travelers opt to explore only most of the conventional attractions in the city of Cebu and Bohol, the concealed delight waiting to be found in the not-so-famous region of Tan-awan, Oslob, Cebu remains to be pretty foreign and unheard of to many tourist travellers. Undeniably, I can assure you that the feeling you […]

Tips in Travelling Philippines

With the 7,107 islands that make up the Philippines, there are more than hundreds of tourist spots a traveller can visit. Travelling this tropical country is an exciting and enjoyable experience. The country is endowed with rich wildlife, marine biodiversity, white sandy beaches, waterfalls and majestic terrains. Whatever activity a traveller wants to do, there would always be a […]

Intramuros Manila – The Quaint City Must-Do List

A place that will take you back to the past- Intramuros. It is also know as the walled city, which has a bricked barrier circumventing the whole city that is 8 meters wide and 22 meters high. It was the focal area for military, religious and political powers in Spanish era. The only people who […]

EAT Danao Adventure Park in Danao, Bohol Travel Guide

If you have plans to visit Bohol this summer and you want to experience something different and something extreme then E.A.T Danao is the best place to go. Danao Adventure used to be Francisco Dagohoy’s base camp during the Spanish era wherein he used one of the caves, Ka-Mira Cave as their hide-out. Because of […]

Sta. Cruz: The Pink Island in West Mindanao

By Meryl Grace Agudelo  When mother earth showered beauty, Philippines is in the super front row VIP pass level! With 7,107 islands spanning from Batanes to Jolo, our concept of comparison isn’t between an ugly and beautiful island; it has always been between a beautiful and a more beautiful island i.e Coron and El Nido, […]

Dumaguete Travel Guide

Rizal Boulevard Dumaguete is the capital of Negros Oriental. People living here are not as stressed as those living in Metro Manila because their lives are simpler yet more fun than in the Metro. One thing you would easily notice when you’re in Dumaguete is the number of bicycles and tricycles here as compared to […]

Palawan Travel Guide and Tourist Spots

Palawan Travel Guide and Tourist Spots

Photo by: crazyacey Everything that you dream for an exotic hideaway, with deserted islands, limestone cliffs, coral reefs, misty mountains and swarming wildlife – all of these are packed up into the Philippines’ Last Frontier and the home of the country’s most protected areas in the country, the island province of Palawan. The paradise province is […]

Davao City Travel Guide

by: Hazel Annelou Cirunay There are very good reasons why you should choose Davao as your next travel destination. With its array of tourist spots, I bet you’ll surely love to go here over and over again. Going to Davao from Manila by plane is about 1 hour and 45 minutes travel. The Davao International Airport […]

Sagada Rice Terraces

Sagada, Mountain Province Travel Guide

Photoby: Gino Mempin Sagada is one of the most popular municipalities of Mountain Province. It’s near Bontoc which is also a great place for tourists who love nature. There are many reasons why people go to Sagada, Mountain Province but the most popular reason is to go trekking and by exploring the hidden caves and […]

Bohol Travel Guide

Bohol Travel Guide

How to reach Bohol You can travel to Bohol from Manila by plane. This is the fastest way to get there but you can also travel by sea vessels. If you are not from Manila and want to reach Bohol the fastest, there are fast ferries that take you from one island to the next. […]

Bacolod City Travel Guide

Bacolod City Travel Guide

Bacolod is known as the city of smiles because “Bacolodnons” are known to entertain guests and tourists with a smile. People seem much happier here and they have many reasons to be happy. Bacolod is rich with destinations that can relax even the most stressed individual. You don’t need to drive far to get to […]

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