Coco Beach Resort in Gumasa, Sarangani

Deciding to spend your holidays or summer gateaway in this beach resort is absolutely  great idea.  It is located  in Gumasa, Glan Sarangani Province right after the Rosal Beach Resort. Coco Beach Resort takes pride of their beach plus the powdery  white sand  as the highlight plus the crystal clear seawaters.  However,  these are just  only the beginning when  considering  the advantage  of indulging moments with  this beach resort.

Coco Beach Resort is accessible to  other neighboring  resorts. This easy access means you can spend many activities such as walking in the shoreline,  swimming, snorkeling  and scuba diving. Another amazing thing to behold in Coco Beach Resort, it is the sunset view along the shoreline.  It is one of the simple offerings of nature to thank for.

Coco Beach Resort is a good venue for any special occasion  that you’re celebrating, especially  special bonding moments with family and friends.  Though  it does not offer  ample facilities,  but it has  the basic  amenities that you needed most.  It has rooms and cottages, a small store  wherein you can order for meals.  Not to mention that the owners and staff  are really friendly and accommodating with their  guests.

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Entrance Fee:

Daytime                                                                                         – 30 Php/head

Overnight                                                                                      – 40 Php/head

Entrance without cottage (maximum of 3 persons)         – 50 Php/head

5 years old & below                                                                      – FREE

6 years old & above                                                                     – Full payment


Open Cottages Sitting Capacity Daytime Price Overnight Price
B1 – B4 25 persons 500.00 Php 600.00 Php
S1 10 persons 400.00 Php 500.00 Php
S2 10 persons 300.00 Php 400.00 Php
S3 5 persons 200.00 Php 300.00 Php
S4 – S5 10 persons 300.00 Php 400.00 Php
M1 – M4 15 persons 400.00 Php 500.00 Php
Marienella 10 persons 500.00 Php 600.00 Php
Marie 10 persons 500.00 Php 600.00 Php
Mariel 10 persons 500.00 Php 600.00 Php
Justine 10 persons 500.00 Php 600.00 Php
Daniel 10 persons 500.00 Php 600.00 Php
Nikka 10 persons 500.00 Php 600.00 Php
Screened Cottage 1 20 persons 1,200.00 Php


  • Room M (aircon w/ 4single beds)                                                            –  3,500.00 Php
  • D4 Room (aircon w/ 4 single beds)                                                         –  3,500.00 Php
  • D3 Room (aircon w/ 3 single beds)                                                         –  3,000.00 Php
  • D2 Room (aircon w/ 4 single beds)                                                         –  3,500.00 Php
  • Sofeden Room (aircon w/ 3 single beds)                                               –  3,000.00 Php
  • Dark Green  Room (aircon with 2 single beds)                                   –  2,000.00 Php
  • Light Green Room (aircon with 2 single beds)                                   –  2,000.00 Php
  • clifford Room(aircon w/ 2 single beds & 1free open cottage)         –  2,800.00 Php
  • Big Green Room (aircon w/ 6 single beds & 1free open cottage)   –  4,000.00 Php
  • Carrebean ROom (aircon w/ 6 single beds & 1free open cottage) –  4,500.00 Php



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Comments (32)

  • Jonessa Repaso

    Contact number, picture every cottage so we can chose

  • Rachel P.Caballo

    can i ask contact number for inquiry?please i need reply.thanks.

  • Macy Miguel

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    Warm Regards,
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  • Bing

    So shock to read all your bad comments about this place. I’ve been in coco beach with my friends and family 2x already, and we enjoyed very much our stay there . The only complaint we had that the people who runs the restaurant are ncompetent. The reason we brought our own food .

  • Pete

    Im from US and we are planning to go there in gumasa with my family this coming Aug.17-19,2015 .im thinking of trying COCO BEACH but with this comment WOW ..what the heck these poor Filipino receptionist doing on those kind of business where customer service is a PRIORITY..Come on COCO Beach Management do something …You guys are boasting about Gumasa “the Boracay of the South” but what in a bloody hell you people are doing to prospective customers who are willing to pay the price to stay and enjoy the beauty of what the nature can’re ruining it!!!!PAGING Gumasa municipal officers!!! time to get in.. protect Gumasa Tourism…Very disappointing amigos and amigas you still have that maricon attitude!!!

  • Grevic

    I am actually looking for a nice resort for my family outing and I want it here sana but suddenly all comments here not good.. Thanks for the info bout this resort!

  • Grace

    I am from Gensan but live in davao now for 4 years but used to go to glan even when I was young I love their beach.i have been to mostly beautiful beaches but believe me this COCO BEACH SUCKS! The beach is nice,that’s given but the front desk and the rules and regulations are out of this world. They didn’t realize the power of social media now,I also told them that I’m really not going to promote their beach. It’s just I wanted to show the nice beaches there to a friend of mine from Switzerland just the two of us for a day tour but they wanted us to get a cottage which we said we don’t need cuz we just want to lie and get sun tanned in the shore but they really won’t allow us to get in so we decided to get one which is around 500 then after they said there’s no available one so we need to get another which is way higher!! I told them directly I want to talk to the manager cuz I really want to know where in the hell he get that idea???? Been to boracay and Palawan but these never happened. This is crazy annoying and ridiculousTHEIR COTTAGE HAVE SITTING CAPACITY LIKE 25 persons only if you are 30 u get another one for the other 5!!!!. My friend would not mind but I insisted not to tolerate them so we go somewhere else where we found pacmans beach there when it’s not developed and it’s free yet this is last year which is super nice too it’s just the same shoreline it’s the beginning of this nice sand of white haven rosal and coco.went there last 2 weeks but it’s all fenced na.hehe TO ALL WHO WANTS TO SEE AND ENJOY GLANS BEACHES DONT EVER GO TO COCO BEACH RESORT MAKE THEM AS YOUR LAST OPTION, BELIEVE ME IT WILL RUIN YOUR TRIP!!!

  • Evelyn Gonzalez

    I’m from USA but I have a home in kidapawan. So from kidapawan to gumasa we have a long drive all the way to get there in gumasa but , I made a reservation to coco beach resort so it was OK when we get there because we have a room to rest after a long rides even it was not up to my expectation. I have two accommodation the first room ,aircondintion was not working properly , the TV was not working at all even one of the staff try to fix it but never work. The second one the room is so stinky, bad smell so we asked one of the staff to go and try to smell the bad smell inside the room and they did found it the tray under the refrigerator that was never clean . I guess some of the people who stay on that room never reklamo about it.I paid that much for the room and per head all we got is dissapontment. Two staffs on the front desk are not very professional manners. The way they talk very arrogant. I have relatives who lives around that area ,can you imagine that , they come to the cocobeach to visit us because they live around that area and they want to see us if we are OK and to see hi to us for just an hr.they will just visiting there,not swimming or sleeping they will not let them in and they are adult persons. They did not visit in the resort to party .they are there. to see and talk to my dad that they never seen for a long time. But they will not let them in so my brother in law who meet them in the entrance come back and told me that I need to come to the front desk so I did. I talk to the staffs there why they won’t let them in ,one of the very arrogant staff young male said that visitors that stay 10 minutes or longer they charge 100.00 pesos per head. I was shocked.I ‘d like to argue but my visitors are waiting so I jut said go ahead let them in I will pay for it. But deep inside of mine ,it would be nice to slap this young male staff with money. My visitors are residents of gland and they should be allowed to enter.the next day we check out there and went to isla jardin a lot better. Cocobeach suck and I will never come back on that place ,staffs on the front desk are unproffesionals,foods are expensive on their restaurant… I will never recommend to any of my friends here abroad.never experienced even in the hotels that if I have visitors coming to see me,I will be charged 100.00 pesos pesos per head. To the owner of the cocobeach resorts ,I recommend to trained your employee more specially your front desk staffs on how to treat you clients so that they will keep coming back to your resorts. And please don’t forget to put a sign or information that if people who check s in there and they have visitors coming who stay 10minutes and longer they will be charged 100.00 pesos pe head.

  • Trix P.

    ****disappointed! Pala…hehehehe..

  • Trix P.

    I’m from Davao City and we’ve travel for four hours just to check this place.when we reach COCO BEACH RESORT in gumasa,we thought it’s a nice place but we’re dissaspointed!!it’s like travelling for how many hours just to reach times beach resort!the place is not clean…the UGLY cottages are very expensive..They didn’t clean the shore. Another thing, we don’t like how unprofessional the staff was.. I dont know if the manager knows about the attitude of their staffs. For me, I rate this as very poor. If ever your thinking of visiting this place, I suggest find another resort.. For sure you will just be wasting your time, money, and effort..mingaw pjud kau n resort!!!WTF??!!!.HATE THIS PLACE!!!!!

  • Elvin

    worst accommodation in my entire life….. front desk ill mannered…. no recommending this place to my friends and relatives…. marumi na …malamok pa…sira pa banyo barado

  • James

    F^&ck this resort!!!!UNFRIENDLY STAFF, ARROGANT !!!, LOTS OF HIDDEN CHARGES!… i recommend you to fidn another resort its so far away and unbelievably UGLY BEACH , y$%^ck!!!! it was a mistake checking on this f%#$king beach

  • Isak

    May pa hanggang comment hanggang comment ka pa jan. Eh nakiusap nga daw ang iba sa inyo,pero asal mutant nman kayo. I swear,the next thing Im going to say… i will say it with love and peace. Please be nice and be kind to all your customers. They are the ones who can build or break your beach business. And to top it all, it is where you get your bread and butter.

  • Isak

    Alam mo Grey, I assume that you are one of the arrogant front desk greeters ng beach na yan. 4 years na pala ha. It doesnt matter how old the business is. What matter is how well they are managing it. And tsaka yong pagiging arogante ba ng mga front desk greeters ay makaka cut short overnight pag mg 5 years na kayo? Ay ano yan,magical Teh? Ive never been to that place pero with all the horrible stories Ive read…no thank you.

  • Grey

    uii.. hanggang comment lng din naman kau ee.. siguro yung iba jan di binigyan ng discount o di kya di pnagbigyan sa kung anong gusto kya NG-AALBOROTO.. *TAWA* mghunus dili kau 4 years p lng ng-ooperate yung BEACH.

  • Jonabanana

    We’ve Been To This UNFRIENDLY Beach Resort, Last may 24, 2013. The Staffs in The Front Desk Are Really Arrogant, at sila pa ang galit ha.
    were so tired galing biyahe tapos susungitan ka pa eh nagtatanong ka lang. we are asking them nicely at nakiki usap pa kami, wala sialng ginagawa kundi deadahin kai, weve waited for almost 20 mins, bago nila kami pinansin, at sinabi lang sa amin na: “BAKIT DITO TALAGA KAYO MAGPABOOK/MAGSTAY MAAM?! MADAI PA NAMANG RESORT DYAN!” after saying that di man lang kami pinakingan deadma na again, hai naku, sino ba ang may ari ng coco beach resort nang mapalitan at masipa sa trabaho ang mga Front Desk nilang wlang kwenta aroogant, masungit di marunong mag entertain ng costumer. Mabuti pa yung Manong Guard sa gate nila inasikaso talaga kami, pero yung mga nasa front desk! NAKAKA INIS!

  • rz cuachon

    pede makahingi ng contact number po ninyo? salamat po

  • Cristy ann pedroso

    pwede po ba ako makahingi ng inyong contact no? salamat

  • Cristy ann pedroso

    pwede po ba ako makahingi ng inyong contract no? salamat

  • Larry

    The beach itself is beautiful unfortunatly the resort is not so good the overnight cottages are small uncomfortable and way overpriced. The mattresses on the beds in our cottage was about 2 centimeters thick and might as well not even been there, it felt like I was sleeping on bare plywood. At 3500 peso per night this is the worse quality accomodation at the highest price Ive ever had in my more than 30 years of travelling in the philippines and with the mediocre expensive food from the kitchen there and the rude and surly staff I would say this is the worst resort in the philippines but its on a truly beautiful beach so that is some consolation.

  • manilyn

    hi… ang ganda talaga ng beach sa glan. kc marami ng dumadayo sa pinagmalaki ng glan… i hope lahat ng dayhan mging masaya pag uwi sa kanilang lugar at. maiba hagi nila sa mga tao na hindi pa naka experience na dalhin ang buong pamilya..

  • Ian

    the place was cool however the management were not able to maintain the area wisely. i highly suggest that the cleaning of the waste should be done early in the morning, sana lng ma linisan ang area bago pa gumising ang guest para naman di pangit tingnan and it would be so disgusting na while using the facility maraming pang dumi sa paligid kasi di pa tapos nag linis ang staff.. kulang na nga sa manpower stricto pa minsan ang staff.. another thing is ang hina nang aircon sa rooms, its not really conducive for a guest to resting from very long travel.salamat



  • Eric


  • Febeigh

    pictures ng rooms? or cottages? mganda dw ung beach pero hnd convincing ung website nyo..

  • Fem

    San po ba yong magandang resort at saka good management at friendly yong staff?

    • Bing

      2x I am there we enjoyed much the stay. Nice family house with TV , aircon, 4 single beds. + we have a free open cottage. We bring our own food to cook. Isla Jardin is a nice resort But you can not enjoy the water, lots of stone it’s only good for taking pictures. Coco beach is a white sandy beach .

  • Jackilyn gentiles

    nice place sana but lot of hidden charges, plus the arrogant staff makes the place unfriendly to the incoming guest..however we ended up in nearby beach house called “white haven” which is more relaxing, with smiley and very accommodating people which makes our day even more exciting..

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