El Nido: Cudugnon Cave

One of the highlights of joining Tour B in El Nido is probably visiting Cudugnon Cave. Aside from exploring the fine white sand beaches in El Nido, you will be able to visit a rather ancient, historic and interesting place- the Cudugnon Cave. The cave is believed to be a Neolithic burial-place making it a very important archeological site because of the artifacts like human bones excavated inside the cave. According to experts, the people who used to live in the cave were from Borneo and traveled to Palawan thru the ancient bridge. There were potteries and even jewelries found which were traced back to the Sung Dynasty between 960 and 1279 in Mainland China.

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Entering Cudugnon Cave can be a little bit of a challenge since you have to enter into a small, rocky hole. It is better to wear something comfortable. But once you enter the cave, it is simple breathtaking and somewhat chilling. It gives an impression that you entered a room with high ceilings.

El-Nido-cudugnon-cave-0137Cudugnon Cave1Rock formations vary from smooth texture to rough ones. There are elevated parts perfect for picture taking especially for photography enthusiast. On one side, you will visibly see skeletons of human beings attached to the rock formations inside the cave.


Another notable part of the cave is that it is located near the sea so the water comes in especially during high tide. You will be able to see some sea creatures and marine life. Just be careful though because there are some areas with bats.


Few steps away from the entrance of the cave is a secluded white sand beach with couple of open cottages. Guest who avail Tour B package can stay on this place for lunch.


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