West Coast Sarangani Expedition: Tuka Bay Marine Sanctuary

Our West Coast Sarangani Saga didn’t end in the Wild Waters of Maitum. Our next chronicle for this expedition is found in the municipality of Kiamba. Kiamba is one of the municipalities in the western part of Sarangani that boasts a long stretch of fine white beach that faces the azure waters of the Mindanao Sea.tuka Beach Resort (8)


tuka Beach Resort (4)


One of the finest and serene places you’ll ever see in Sarangani is the Tuka Bay Marine Sanctuary located in Kiamba. As soon as you approach the shores of Tuka Bay Marine Sanctuary, you’ll see lots of nipa cottages as well as wild grasses and shrubs that even make the area more wonderful not to mention the beautiful virgin forest that backdrops the area. Cottage rate is Php300.00 and you can opt to stay there overnight.


tuka Beach Resort (3)

tuka Beach Resort (2)

Because Tuka Bay Marine Sanctuary is a nature reserve, it is not impossible for you to see different marine species and even monkeys! With only Php100.00, you can already rent snorkeling equipment so you can use it exploring the waters of the marine sanctuary all day. As for my experience, I did see a whole lot of colorful corals abounding the area wherein lots of fishes thrive in it. And by fishes, I mean really really big fishes!tuka Beach Resort (10)

tuka Beach Resort (9)



Also found in the marine park is Manny Pacquiao’s rest house. The 14 – bedroom mansion stands perfectly facing the beach just beside the Tuka Marine Park and is only made available for the family, their guests and relatives. According to the tourism personnel, the local government had the place leased to the Sarangani congressman for 25 years.

tuka Beach Resort (6)

Manny Pacquiao’s Rest House


How to Get There

  • To get to Tuka Marine Park, you have to rent a boat worth Php1,500.00, which accommodates up to 15 people. The boat will anchor to the Tuka Marine Park and it will wait for you until you finished exploring the marine park and head back to the Kiamba proper.It's Me


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  • Glady faith fabronero

    pwd pa po mkapa reserve?

  • Khalil Soberano

    Hello, please do help us on how to get a reservation in Tuka Beach. Me and my friends are planning to go there before our classes starts this June. If possible please give me the person to contact in getting a reservation. Please leave a message on my email khalilsoberano23@gmail.com THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS.

  • Student

    magkano yung bayad sa cottages/lodges na pwedeng tulogan??

  • Ruel D. Ampatin

    For Inquiries and Reservations you have to Contact Miss Jane a Staff from our Tourism Office at 09127564728

  • Joerilldenila

    how to get there?

  • Kay

    hello. i am enticed to visit tuka soon. please tell me how to make reservations. i come from davao city and it will help me a lot to make reservations before i will take my family to kiamba. thank you!!!

  • Soule

    May entrance fee po ba? If meron how much?

  • JOY

    I’ll never forget how this place made me fall in love; people and nature. This place gave so much memories to remember… time had me travel to places but Kiamba soil would definitely made me fall all over and over again.

    still can’t forget the memories of you! I love you… Tuka

  • Jeffrey dee

    Hi Author,

    May contact number kayo ng Kiamba Tourism Office?kelangan daw kasi kumuntact sa office nato para makapunta sa Tuka Beach for reservation at registration ng boats..if you have pls send it to @ jeffmin86@gmail.com or 09128117897. thanks so much 🙂 nice blog!



  • Roxanne sunga

    the place is beautiful siguro yung resthouse din ni manny pacquiao noh?

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