23 Amazing Destinations in Mindanao [Updated 2019]

Just when you thought only Luzon and Visayas has the most fine-looking tourist attractions in the Philippines to explore then Mindanao will definitely prove you wrong. In the farther reaches of Southern Philippines lie several amazing destinations which awaits to be visited. Allow yourself to be mesmerized by the stunning sightseer spots in Mindanao and find out why this place has won the hearts of several adventure travellers.

Siargao in Surigao del Norte

Dako Island

Hailed as one of the best surfing spots in the Philippines, Siargao has a whole lot more to showcase, drawing the interest of tourists coming from diverse walks of life. Apart from its surfing haven, Siargao is adored for its pristine beaches, rich marine life and relaxing atmosphere.

Island Hopping in Gen. Luna, Siargao 

Camiguin Island

Setting foot in Camiguin will somehow give you a glimpse as to how jam-packed its featured attractions are. Camiguin is renowned for its White Island which is a long stretch of white sand bar surrounded by clear azure waters. Camiguin is also famous for its Catarman Church Ruins, Sunken Cemetery, Katibawasan Falls and a great deal of cold and hot springs to choose from.

Camiguin Tourist Spots and Travel Guide

Dapitan, Zamboanga del Norte

Dakak Beach Resort

Considered as a diving paradise located in the Northern part of Zamboanga, there is still just so much to see and to do in Dapitan. Dakak Park and Beach Resort for example is acknowledged for its beautiful coral reefs and rich, scenic refuge of diverse marine flora and fauna. In addition to that, Dapitan is also famous for its Rizal Shrine, and inspiring Historical Walking Tour.


Samal Island, Davao del Norte

Featuring a huge number of beach resorts in Mindanao, Samal Island has earned the fame as one of the most-sought after beach destinations in Mindanao. It takes pride for its marvellous seascapes, copious tourist spots and whole lot more. Among the most-visited resorts in Samal are Paradise, Bali-Bali Beach, Pearl Farm and Chemas.

Falls in Iligan City

Tinago Falls

Deemed as one of the premier tourist magnets in Iligan, Maria Cristina Falls and Tinago Falls have really lived up to Iligan’s moniker as the City of Majestic Waterfalls.

Zamboanga City

Sta. Cruz Island

Zamboanga City has been recognized as one of the great mementos of the Spanish Colonial period owing to its quaint colonial structures and other tourist attractions. Not to mention, seeing a pink-sand beach like that of Sta. Cruz Island in Zamboanga City is simply outstanding, out of the box, more interesting and picturesque because of its unique blending of the vibrant hues of red corals to the white sand.


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  • Car Rental Davao

    So many more destinations available in Mindinao. We have been traveling there for nearly 2 years. Get online and do research of great places to visit.

    For the Samal island adventure, check out Talikud island instead. Amazing beautiful beaches. Grab a boat (tons of them go there every day) from St Ana Wharf.

  • Irish F. Calumpang


  • Mariana

    hayyyy napaka ganda,,, someday mapupuntahan rin kita “) Napaka Amazing talaga ng LOrd 🙂 Thank you Lord for the beautiful views.


    come and visit GLORIAS FANTASYLAND ,where everyday is a festival 🙂
    experience the longest zipline in asia at Dakak Park and beach resort….and the most interesting part Rizal’s life and works at Dapitan,,come and visit Dapitan

  • RonaldR

    a beautiful country with beautiful people

  • Garikina Raju

    I like Mindanao coz my life n love resides here in this city. She is pretty girl n she means to me everything. I love her n I need her in my life.

  • Thanks you for sharing. Mindanao is truly a paradise! Looking forward to explore the underrated tourist destinations in Mindanao.

  • Dmetri

    Beautiful Mindanao. Surigao provinces I must say has one of the best beaches in the entire Phillippines

    • Joaquin

      True that.

  • Yes. Siargao Island is really one of the best destinations here in Mindanao. Lovely images you got here. @Rommel Bryan, you can see the pages below just click the page number.

  • Rommel Bryan

    bakit sa headline 23 destinations? eh 3 places lang lahat ang nandyan?

    • Anonymous

      Tanga lang natin? May icclick kasi para makita yung ibang destinations? Utak, please.

      • Fvckoff

        hahaha tama

  • Ofel

    How about the Asik-asik falls in Alamada, North Cotabato? Don’t you think it’s amazing?

  • Lux

    The Philippines is so beautiful! This island proves it too.

  • alfonso quirino

    I’d like to be informed of your destination packages for vacationers and other promos. You have my permission to send them to my email.

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